About Heartland Innovative Training


Heartland Innovative Training (HIT) is a network of call center professionals who have applied continuous learning to their experiences with voice-only channels. Their background is rich in customer service, service to sales, inside sales, technical support, and accounts receivable/collections. Our experts are recognized as industry leaders and share a common belief that the customer experience needs enhanced communication skills to make a human connection on business transactions.

We believe an independent third party is the best way to accurately score and train reps on interpersonal communication. In-house QA resources must fight the bias of company and rep knowledge which often clouds their assessment of the customer experience. We complement and/or provide an outsourced option to in-house QA functions. As an outsourced business partner, we focus on research and calibration to keep our services meaningful and impactful for our clients.

In today’s world, customer contact can and should be the best means to grow closer to the customer. Interactions that are proficient, professional, and personable will guarantee to set your company apart from competition and enhance customer loyalty and lifetime value.


“HIT took our inexperienced call queue and developed them into the industry leading customer service team.” VP of Operations – Veterinary Reference Labs