Why We are Different


HIT debunks myths about improving customer service and enhancing individual skill sets.

Did you know that our speech patterns are set by the time we’re 9 years old? Can you really change the way people talk? 

There are seven ways people think and process information. We show how to communicate to connect with those mental processes.

Did you know that we think in images 98% of the time and only 2% of the time in words?

Scripting vs. personable language

We are hard wired to speak as we are spoken to. Therefore, we should speak to others the way we want to be spoken to: a simple concept but hard to execute when the average person sounds like a twitter feed.

Expressive tendencies vs. thoughtful responses

We can’t wait to talk; even when the customer isn’t through talking.

We define the real difference between empathy and sympathy and how to express empathy to a concerned customer.

Do you really know the differences between them and can you easily put empathy into phrases that connect with a caller vs. fuel their negative attitudes? 

Conversational call balance vs. traditional call metrics.

Computers don’t talk to your customers, your reps do.